Phra Buddha Maha Paraminubhab Bisudh Anuttra Sangam Vijay (Flag-top amulets)

          Phra Maha Paraminubhab Bisudh Anuttra Sangam Vijay, also known as Phra Taleng Phai, was created by Thailands National Artist Chakrabhand Posayakrit, initially as a set piece of the Buddha icon to preside over the Declaration of Independence scene in the puppet production of Taleng Phai, an ongoing project of a Thai traditional puppet theatre, in celebration of national heroes of the past. This scene takes place at a temple, thus requires the presence of the presiding Buddha image. This Buddha, in the pose of Subduing Mara, was conceived as belonging to the pre-16th century period and going back as far as the Sukhothai period. The original 30-inch lap-length prototype statue is made of resin and exquisitely covered in gold leaves and adorned with Swarovsky crystals.

          Over the years, the 30-inch lap-length prototype has graced the Chakrabhand Posayakrit Foundation and has been worshipped by the cast and crew of the production team in the wai khru ceremonies at the beginning of every performance.

Gold-plated Pink gold plated Silver-plated
Mekhabat Yellowish bronze Reddish bronze

Gold-plated 1,400 (VAT 7% Add 98 )
Pink gold plated 1,000 (VAT 7% Add 70 )
Silver-plated 800 (VAT 7% Add 56 )
Mekhabat 800 (VAT 7% Add 56 )
Yellowish bronze 400 (VAT 7% Add 28 )
Reddish bronze 400 (VAT 7% Add 28 )
Flag-top amulets set 4,800 (VAT 7% Add 336 )

Paid into the savings A/C Name:
Taleng Phai Puppet Fund

Kasikornthai Bank, Ekamai Branch
A/C No: 059-2-38859-8

Shipping, "Buddha at the top of the flag" mailing address
- If you buy only one. Shipping, episode 100 .
- If buying multiple cognitive. Simultaneously delivered the first 100 to the price of 20 .

* If you would like us to ship. Please contact us for details of the Foundation again.

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